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Pineapple Recipes for Any Meal

Fast And Flavorful Foods For Your Super Bowl Party

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If you are planning on a party for game-day, make sure that you serve simple, quick snacks that won’t take you away from the festivities. You don’t want to be in the kitchen cooking during kick-off, and taking time to check the stove could make you miss an all-important play. Serve foods that are easily and quickly put together, that taste great, and that can be enjoyed at room-temperature. Some fast and tasty treats for your football party include: Crispy, seasoned flatbread. You can make a lot of different snacks and appetizers with bakery-fresh flatbread. For instance, cut the bread into triangles or strips and toss in a large bowl with some olive oil and red pepper flakes, kosher salt, garlic powder, and minced onion. Serve warm or cooled as a snack that can be dipped or eaten plain. Spicy chili. A pot of chili is easy enough to throw together, but use a slow-cooker or crock pot to make clean up easy, too. Furthermore, this will keep your chili warm all day while your guests graze and snack. Thin and crispy pizza. Reserve a handful of flatbreads to make homemade pizza. Top your flatbread with alfredo or marinara sauce, a handful of cheese, and plenty of fresh, chopped veggies. Bake in a hot oven until the cheese is melted and your toppings are browned. Mexican dip. Use some of the chili to make a tasty and easy layered dip. Use crispy flatbread, corn chips, or toasted croutons to scoop up layers of chili, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and fresh veggies. Best part? You can prepare ahead and snack on it all day. Homemade fries. Cut your own fries from russet or sweet potatoes. Make sure to make large wedges and season liberally with seasoning salt, fresh ground pepper, and garlic powder. Bake your homemade fries on an oiled cookie sheet in a very hot oven until crisp; serve with Siracha sauce and ketchup. Hearty sandwiches. Cold cuts are a must for any Super Bowl party, so make sure that you pick up plenty of fresh potato buns or Kaiser rolls for even the largest appetite. Load your bread high with meats, cheeses, pickled vegetables, and spicy mustard. Visit your favorite bakery and order ahead to ensure you have fresh-baked breads for your celebration. Keep these simple yet tasty snack ideas in mind when preparing for the game day. Enjoy the ease of preparing these delicious refreshments before your guests arrive so that you don’t miss a minute of the biggest sporting event of the year. For more information, contact local professionals like Klosterman Baking...

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3 Ways You Can Minimize Catering Costs And Still Have A Great Reception

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Your wedding day is supposed to be special. In order for it to be the best day of your life, it is going to take some money. But it isn’t just the dress and the actual wedding itself that is going to take money from you, as you also have to think about the wedding reception, which means catering costs. If you are on a tight budget for catering, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a magnificent reception. Instead, it just means that you need to know where you can cut back. Here are three things you can do to save money while still having a reception that you and your guests will enjoy: 1. Allow Plenty of Alcohol, But Limit the Liquor. When it comes to your catering budget, a large chunk of it is going to be designated for alcohol (unless you plan to have an alcohol-free wedding reception). Liquor is the most expensive option when it comes to alcohol, which is why most couples who are on a budget opt to only serve beer and wine. However, if you would like to serve liquor during the cocktail hour, you may want to limit yourself to only one to two signature cocktail choices to minimize costs. 2. Avoid Hors d’oeuvres, But Do Serve Smaller Portions of Food. Many upscale weddings serve hors d’oeuvres. Now, while the word is fancy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is fancy. Sure, most of the time, it is cheese balls or crab cakes. However, you can go a bit more generic than this – and cheaper. For example, you couple opt for bite-sized mac-and-cheese cups, mini hamburgers or even small bowls of tomato soup with petite grilled cheese sandwiches. Make sure you have something sweet, such as cotton candy lollipops, tiny cupcakes, bite-sized brownies or mini pies. The options are truly endless, so talk to your caterer about what ideas he or she can implement at your wedding. 3. Put Out Large Bowls of Colorful, Lush Salads and Plates of Vegetables at Each Table. When you allow guests to serve themselves at an open food bar or even have caterers prepare plates ahead of time and hand them out to all of the guests, your expenses can be outrageous. However, if you opt to place large bowls of salads at each table, along with plates of uniquely-cut vegetables, there is less of a chance that your guests will overfill their plates. This then leads to less wasted food. In addition, you won’t have to pay for as many waiters and waitresses to plate and then serve the food to your wedding guests. Click here for more information about wedding...

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3 Awesome Recipes To Make Using Dry Ice

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Dry ice is so unique in its make up because it is solid carbon dioxide. Because of this, it can be used to create some pretty tasty and unique recipes. This article will discuss 3 awesome recipes that you can create using dry ice.  Carbonated Fruit If you love fruit, then you will really enjoy fruit that has been carbonated by dry ice. The dry ice adds carbonation to the inside of the fruit, giving it some fizz and making it’s flavor pop. To create this fruit, you will simply need to place a piece of dry ice inside of a cooler and cover it up with a cloth. You can then add whatever fruits you would like to the cooler, such as grapes, watermelon, and oranges. Seal the opening of the cooler using plastic wrap and then let it sit for around 12-14 hours. After this time you can take your fruit out and it will have a surprising fizz inside. This is great for surprising friends and family with because they will not be able to tell outwardly that anything is different with the fruit.  Root Beer To create root beer using dry ice, you will need to first get a large container used to hold liquids. You will then add your water, sugar, and root beer concentrate. The amount of these ingredients that you will add is going to differ depending on how much root beer you’d like to make. You will then add your block of dry ice to the container. This will create a carbonated, root beer flavored drink that tastes delicious and has amazing steam coming out of it. Just be sure that you properly ventilate the top of the container so that it doesn’t explode, or so you don’t release too much of the carbonation.  Ice Cream  If you love the idea of making homemade ice cream, but don’t like the idea of waiting for it to freeze, then making ice cream using dry ice is the way to go. To make this ice cream, you can simply mix it using your normal homemade ice cream recipe, but can then add crushed pieces of dry ice to the mixture by spoonfuls. This mixture will instantly freeze the ice cream once you have added enough of the crushed dry ice, making it ready to eat right away. This is not only awesome because you don’t have to wait, but is a fun activity to do together with family or friends. Contact a company, such as Chilly Willy & Cool Carl’s Ice, for more information about dry...

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Investing In Copper Pans: The Advantages & Disadvantages

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Have you developed a love for cooking and want to invest in good pans to use? You may want to think about getting copper pans, as they can offer multiple benefits for the money spent on them. Find out in this article what you should know about copper pans so you can determine if they are right for your cooking needs. What are the Advantages of Investing in Copper Pans? One of the biggest advantages of cooking with copper pans is the speed of finishing meals that you will notice. Copper is a type of metal that is good at distributing heat in a fast amount of time, as well as retaining the heat. You will notice that your recipes cook up faster due to the conductivity of the copper pans. Faster cooking can come in handy if you have to work and then come home to cook for your family. Another advantage of copper pans is the beauty that they can add to your kitchen. If you enjoy a classic look that can complement any color scheme, copper pans won’t disappoint your taste. You can keep the pans displayed on top of the stove when they are not being used to make your stove stand out. You will also have the advantage of easier cleaning when it comes to copper pans. The metal is smooth and can easily be cleaned with any dishwashing detergents and a dishcloth. If you scrub copper pans and scratches cause a dull look after you have had them for a while, polishing them can bring the shine back. Are There Any Disadvantages to Consider for Copper Pans? One of the disadvantages of having copper pans is that the color of them can change with time.Heat and humidity can lead to copper changing its color. The metal can also develop a tarnished look, depending on what kind of foods are cooked in the pans. For instance, cooking foods with a lot of acids in them can lead to copper becoming tarnished. Another disadvantage to consider is the heaviness of copper pans. If you like to lift your pans to flip food items like pancakes, it might be more difficult to do with copper pans (unless you are strong). Get you a set of copper pans as soon as possible because the advantages that they offer will make it a worthy investment! Visit Buy Copper Cookware for more...

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For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving, Hire A Caterer

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Now that autumn is in full swing, the holiday countdown is on! Thanksgiving, that day everyone looks forward to sharing with family and friends for a fabulous feast and football, isn’t too far away. But if you’re not feeling too thankful for the monumental task of cooking for everyone, there’s an easy solution: hire a catering company. Here’s four reasons to go with a caterer for your next family get-together. 1. Time Consider the amount of time it takes just to plan a large meal. You have to decide what you’re going to have for the main course, for the side dishes, for the desserts and hors d’oeuvres. Then you need to figure out how much of each ingredient you’ll need to make enough to go around. Then you have to scan the ads and construct a strategic shopping plan, deciding which store has the best deals where and for what. And you haven’t even started cooking yet! 2. Stress Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is typically a two or three day affair. The stuffing has to be made before the turkey can be stuffed – when it’s done being brined. The gelatin and salads have to be made, and you have to prep the green bean casserole and candied yams.  The turkey is going to be monopolizing the oven for hours and hours, so anything that needs to be baked has to be done ahead of time. This means the pumpkin pies and dinner rolls need to get done the day before. Preparing a meal for a lot of people is a lot of work and can be very stressful trying to coordinate the logistics of it all. If you have a small kitchen or limited equipment, it can make a hard job that much more difficult. Add to all of this the fact that instead of relaxing with your family and friends and watching the big game, you’ll be stuck in the kitchen trying to pull everything off in time. These aren’t the memories you want to be making. 3. Quality Caterers are accustomed to cooking for large groups of people, and they have the right equipment to do it with. Recipes can become unstable if they aren’t adjusted for size properly. Caterers also have reliable formulas for determining how much food is actually needed per person. They are skilled in expediting what needs to be done when you create the perfect meal. 4. Price It’s easy to think that a caterer will surely cost more than what you can do it for, but that’s not necessarily the case. Caterers purchase their supplies in bulk from purveyors that typically have better prices than your local grocery store. When you factor in all of the other “savings” in time and stress, the price of a catering company is well worth it. To learn more, contact a catering company like Craig Gary &...

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2 Christmas Craft To Make From Your Used K-Cups

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Statistics show that about 83% of American adults drink coffee on a daily basis. Thanks to the introduction of single-cup coffee makers, it’s easier than ever to get your morning cup of joe. If you have amassed a collection of used keurig k-cups, there are some unique ways you can put these items to good use. Here are two Christmas crafts you can make from your used k-cups. 1. Snowman Hat Ornaments Snowmen have been associated with winter and the holiday season for many years. If you enjoy decorating your home with snowmen around Christmas, you can use your old k-cups to make some exciting new snowman hat ornaments. Begin this project by washing out several k-cups, then turning them upside down and spray painting them black. Use some scissors to punch two holes through the bottom of the k-cups, then run each end of some twine through the holes and tie the ends together to keep the tine secured. Cut some circles that are slightly larger than the rim of your k-cups from some black construction paper, and glue the k-cups onto each circle to create a hat brim. Embellish your ornaments with ribbon, twigs, or holly leaves, then hang them from your tree. 2. Advent Calendar Children and grown-ups alike enjoy counting down the days until Christmas arrives. You can use your old k-cups to create a whimsical advent calendar that will keep your family looking forward to Christmas throughout the month of December. Once you have removed the ground from 25 k-cups (1 for each day in December leading up to Christmas) and cleaned them thoroughly, use a 2-inch hole punch to punch several circles from holiday themed scrapbook or wrapping paper. Place a mini candy bar inside each k-cup, and glue the paper circles to the top of the cups to conceal the prize inside. Arrange your cups in the shape of a tree, and glue them onto a piece of cardboard. Using glitter numbers that can be purchased from your local craft store, number the cups 1 through 25. Your family will be delighted to discover the candy prize waiting inside each k-cup as they use the advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas arrives. Finding new ways to use your old k-cups doesn’t have to be difficult. Let your used k-cups bring some holiday cheer by using them to create snowman hat ornaments or an advent calendar next...

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5 Things To Serve At Your Chocolate Tasting Party

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Hosting a chocolate tasting party is a great way to enjoy delicious, decadent chocolate while having a great time with your friends. You obviously know that you need to purchase chocolate, but you could be unsure of what else you should serve. These are a few things that you should serve alongside the gourmet chocolates at your tasting party. 1. Water Although you might want to serve other beverages at your party as well, you should also make sure that there is a pitcher of cold water available for your guests. The water is perfect for rinsing out the mouth so that you can get a better taste of each type of chocolate. 2. Nuts A chocolate tasting party can be awfully sweet, so it’s a good idea to offer something to help cut through all of the sugar. Offering a small bowl of mixed nuts or your favorite salted nuts can be a great way to give your guests a salty-and-sweet combination. 3. Fruit There’s something great about the way that fruit mixes with chocolate. Plus, your guests might be in the mood for something a little bit nutritious after noshing on so much chocolate. Offer bananas, sliced strawberries or any other favorite fruits for your guests. 4. Crackers Just as nuts are great for cutting through some of the sweetness at a chocolate tasting party, crackers — or pretzels — can do the same thing. Plus, they are great for cleansing the palate in between different types of chocolates, which can make it easier for you to truly taste each one and pick your favorite. 5. Wine If you enjoy drinking wine, you are sure to love to sip on it along with your gourmet chocolates. A deep, red wine goes quite well with most chocolates because it isn’t too sweet, so it can help balance out the sweetness of the chocolate. If you prefer a variety, however, there is certainly nothing wrong with offering a few options for yourself and your guests. Just make sure the lean toward less-sweet choices so that you don’t have to worry about a sugar overload! A chocolate tasting party can be a lot of fun and can give you and your guests the chance to sample delicious gourmet chocolates of all different kinds. Consider serving these things alongside your chocolate, and you’re sure to host an event that everyone will enjoy. Contact a company like Abdallah Candies And Gifts to get started with some great...

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Meal Planning Tips For Single People

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Meal planning is one of those health and financial tips that single people often ignore, because much of the information and many of the resources are aimed at families. Failure to plan has repercussions, though. These can include opting for unhealthy but easy meals, blowing the budget on restaurant fare, or losing money and wasting food because you don’t eat everything you buy. The following tips can help you take advantage of the benefits of a meal plan, even if you only need single servings. Try Batch Cooking Batch cooking means you do most of your cooking once a week, usually on the weekend. Then, you simply reheat your meals from the freezer or refrigerator. The simplest way to get started is with breakfast. For example, you can make a huge store of breakfast burritos one week, strawberry waffles the next, and so on. Eventually, you have a large enough store that you simply thaw and reheat what you want to eat that night. Cook Large Just because you are serving one doesn’t mean you only need to make a single serving. This is a spin-off of the batch cooking strategy, except you do it each time you decided to cook something. You may make a big pot of chili or a large pan of lasagna, and then freeze leftovers in meal-size packages. Plan Your Menu Whether you use an app on your phone or a paper planner, menu planning is the key to saving money and avoiding food waste. Start by simply making a list of all the meals you expect to eat at home over the next week, or between now and your next grocery shopping trip. Then, look through your fridge and freezer for ingredients you need to use up, and design meals around these items. You may want to consider using meal planner grocery products to make this easier. Repeat this every week so you are only buying the items you need to fill out your meal plan. Make It Easy Meal planning and grocery shopping is easier with the right habits and tools. First, unless you always eat your leftovers, get in the habit of freezing things so they don’t spoil. That leftover soup that seemed boring on Thursday may be just the simple meal you need when you pull it out of the freezer during cold season next month. Keep a supply of freezer containers, bags, and permanent markers on hand so there’s no reason not to cook and package food for later. Date everything and rotate through it so nothing sits too long in the freezer. The best packaging materials are those that are sized just right for a single meal, and that you can use in the microwave for quick...

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Summer Tips to Keep Your Kids Cool This Summer

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As a mom, you already have plenty to do to keep your household in order, especially during the summer when the kids are home from school. As you navigate your world by stretching dollars, kissing owies, and avoiding arguments while soothing self-esteems during the hormone bursts of the teen years, you have to find time to get creative in the kitchen. A few simple tools can help you keep your sanity while still keeping the kids happy. Below, you can learn about some of the kitchen tips that can make your life easier on a regular basis. Use an Ice Maker Buy a refrigerator with an ice maker. You don’t just want an ice maker either, but a dispenser as well. Otherwise, small hands are going to rummaging through your freezer all year long. An ice maker with a dispenser on the outside of the door means your children don’t even have to open the freezer door to get what they need. You’ll save on energy consumption and you’ll still be able to find what you need in your freezer at the end of the day. Make Fruit Popsicles Make fruit pops using your existing popsicle trays and real fruit. Instead of buying popsicles filled with refined sugar, combine different fruits in a popsicle mold. Add a bit of natural fruit juice and let the popsicles freeze. Offer these to your children the next time they want to cool down with a sweet treat. Get Creative with Kitchen Molds Your gelatin, muffin, and cake molds can be great tools to use in the freezer. Fill them with fruits and water or fruit juice to use in the next party punch bowl on a hot summer day. You can do the same thing with candy molds when you want small ice cubes in specific shapes. When you use these with a glass of water, you encourage your children to drink more water, but they enjoy the taste and have fun watching the water change colors. Give the Kids a Cooler Kids long for independence and they like to be able to make their own choices. Stock a cooler full of fruits and frozen treats so they can choose what they want when they go outside to play. This also means they won’t be running in and out and grabbing the first sugary snack they see. Cool kids are happy kids during the summer months. Get creative about cooling them off and you can help them make good food choices for life, while making sure they stay hydrated and happy during the summer months. To learn more, contact a company like Shealy-Hodges Corporation.     ...

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Three Ethnic Cuisines That Make It Easy To Eat Gluten-Free

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Eating gluten-free can be a challenge, especially in the U.S. where there seems to be bread and other wheat products everywhere. Eating out on a gluten-free diet is tricky, and it is easy to become discouraged when you feel like your diet lacks excitement and variety. But do not despair! There are some wonderful gluten-free choices that you may not have considered. Here are three ethnic cuisines that offer a variety of delicious gluten-free options. Mexican: Mexican food is a staple for many Americans, but many never stop to consider the amount of gluten-free Mexican food that is available in cookbooks and Tucson Arizona Mexican restaurants. Beans and rice are the staple of many Mexican dishes, and they are totally gluten-free. While flour tortillas are off-limits for people trying to avoid gluten, corn tortillas provide a delicious alternative. Corn chips and salsa are perfect for your gluten-free diet. Be careful of enchilada sauce, which is often thickened with flour. Whether you are eating out or cooking at home, Mexican food is a great option. It’s hard to feel deprived when you are eating chicken tacos in warm corn tortillas, chips and salsa, and a side of rice and beans! Chinese: Chinese food is another ethnic cuisine that focuses on rice as its primary grain, which makes it a perfect go-to food for gluten-free eaters. The unique blends of spices and flavors will give you a break from the monotony of your regular diet. A recent study found that many soy sauces can be gluten free (even soy sauce that is made with wheat) because the fermentation process breaks down the gluten. This opens up even more possibilities for those who want additional flavoring in their meals. However, be wary of egg rolls and wontons since there is usually wheat flower in the wrappers. But any meat and rice dish is likely delicious and safe to eat! Indian: Indian food is a great because many of the traditional options in Indian restaurants are naturally gluten-free without having to ask for any substitutions. You can enjoy tandoori chicken, fish, and shrimp. Indian food also offers delicious curry in many forms, as well as a huge variety of vegetable-based side dishes. Be careful of dishes that are made with maida flour or suji, both of which are wheat. Also, you will not be able to enjoy naan–the traditional Indian flat bread–but there is a delicious lentil-based alternative called papadum. Being a little bit adventurous and trying different ethnic foods can give you the variety of flavors and textures that you have been missing in your gluten-free...

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